Skyler’s Diaspora Test

Communist Egalitarian Progressive Altruist Authoritarian Atheist Luddite Monarchist Globalism Collectivist Communalist Secularism Pacifist Question 1 Economics The Market should be ————————— Question 2 Morality All races and creeds are ————————- Question 3 Social order Women should ———————— Question 4 Human rights Vagabonds in the street deserve Question 5 Conformity rules were made to be ———————— Question 6 Religion I believe in —————————— Question 7 Technology The industrial revolution was overall —————————- to society Question 8 Hierarchy There is a place for everyone in society and everyone should keep to their place in societ Question 9 Patriotism Part 1 No nation deserves to be praised for it’s mere existence Part 2 Globalisation is inherently ————————— for society and progress Question 10 Existentialism I see others as ——————————— Question 11 Property rights Property is ———————— Question 12 Humanism Societal Values should —————————- Question 13 Conflict War is —————-