Bulk SQL inserting, anyone?

Bulk_SQLimgAs part of the BlinkStory app, I needed to upload about 200K (200 thousand, for the geek-impaired) records into a MySql database hosted on a very inexpensive (cheap) hosting provider. I’d tried several options to get the data in, with frustrating results. Either my file upload would be interrupted, or an error would occur around row 75K, wasting an hour or so of my time.

So I decided, like any good programmer, to roll my own solution. I created a tool for bulk uploading SQL over the Internet that I call mysqlxfer. Not wanting to hoard it, I submitted it to SourceForge.net as an open source project. If you need to upload a bunch of data over an unreliable and slow connection, give it a shot. It does a couple of cool things, like automatically detecting your field separator character and logging the failed inserts in SQL format to a .err file. Check it out!