I’ve seen the future, and the future is … COBOL?

COBOL_imgOk, so in the process of migrating to my new laptop I’ve been forced to look at several of my old projects. I don’t remember where I found the time, but ten years ago I must have written a _lot_ of code. One of the more bizarre projects I did back then was a Y2K solution that involved cross-compiling COBOL programs to Java bytecode. I only implemented about 50% of the COBOL feature set back then, but it still turns out to be 600+ source files and who-knows-how-many thousands of LOCs.

So rather than let it sit on my hard drive gathering virtual dust, I’ve created a Sourceforge project for it. Check out the Universal COBOL Compiler project when you have a chance. There’s nothing out there but a one-paragraph synopsis and a bunch of code in the CVS repository, but at least it’s not hidden on my computer anymore!