Preserving good code for posterity

Preserving_good_codeI’ve recently had to learn a couple of new programming languages in a hurry. I’m a pretty fair programmer in half-a-dozen other languages, but starting from scratch is always difficult. Even though flow control and syntax might be similar to something you already know (“is it for each or foreach?”) there is definitely a “natural” way to do things in every language. Some of the worst coding train-wrecks I’ve seen (and I’ve seen some doozies) happen when a programmer attempts to do something complex in a language they barely understand. They might know a way to do it in another language and try to map that knowledge into the target language, but that rarely leads to a clean solution.

So, wanting to do my bit, I created a new website called Native Code to try to make this easier. My goal is to create a database of common low-level coding idioms (micro-patterns, if you like) and then have them expressed in as many programming languages as possible. And not just expressed, but expressed well. So, please feel free to add your own contributions, create your own idioms, and otherwise capture your coding know-how for the ages. Enjoy!