The Ronnie North experiment….

As most of you know, I don’t drink alcohol. No, I haven’t converted to Islam (yet, at least), but I haven’t had a drink since April 21st, 1993 at approximately 1:30 AM. How I remember it that exactly is another, much longer story. The point is that although I no longer drink, I like to stay informed about alcohol and the drinking culture in general. That’s why, when I was in Las Vegas last week (see this post) at the Global Gaming Expo show I acted as a personal drinking advisor to my good friend Ronnie. There was a section of the show dedicated to various libations, a veritable cornucopia of booze, which I helped Ronnie navigate with my savvy selections of liquors and wines. Below, you can see the progression of Ronnie’s drinking, in time-lapse format.

RonnieDrink5 RonnieDrink6 RonnieDrink7 RonnieDrink1

RonnieDrink2 RonnieDrink3 RonnieDrink4